Bruja Feminism is the re-appropriation of what is rightfully ours: our Latinxs and Afro-Latinx roots, colors, textures and aesthetics. Our clothing pieces have been carefully curated for all those self-identified femmes to invite intuition into physical experience, reconnect with our ancestor’s healing powers and to foster a Latinx and AfroLatinx movement that wears proudly the mestizaje of our ancestral knowledge with that Brooklyn urban sass.




We are committed not only to preserve identity but also to evolve while exploring decolonizing ways to dress. We believe that we can achieve that by distributing back to the Otavalo indigenous community twenty percent of our final sales with the long-term goal of investing in the artistic collaboration between experienced female artisans and new fashion and textile designers from all backgrounds. We aim to financially support this collaborations with the end goal of fostering the power of knowledge exchange and providing new opportunities to experienced and new artisans to share their work with the Pan-Latinx community.


Proudly hecho en Ecuador and packed with amor in Brooklyn.


We are here to STAY, SLAY and DECOLONIZE.

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