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To show the white man

what she though of his arrogance,

Yemaya blew that wire fence down.


Gloria Anzaldúa



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Our force

Bruja Feminism was created to honor the artistry and celebrate the skillful craft of Otavalo Indigenous mujeres.  By selling original and unique pieces designed and personalized by Ecuadorian Otavaleñas, we are aiming to raise awareness of ancestral textile culture and resist fast-fashion's indigenous design appropriation. We invite Latinxs and Afro-Latinx femmes  to re-appreciate our colors, fabrics and designs and  reconnect with our  our inner intuitions by proudly awakening and wearing our ancestral identity.

"When you heal yourself, you heal the ancestors."



 Besides paying the rightful price of each piece directly to the artisans, twenty percent of the final sales from Bruja Feminism will be distributed back to the community for the creation of a textile and design community center in Otavalo. The center will host continuous workshops and classes where upcoming and experienced female artisans/designers can share their passion for indigenous textiles and designs while learning techniques from each other.