Proud Ecuadorian based in Brooklyn, NY. She creates, performs and educates in New York City. Founder of FUN Collective (dance|theater|film) and theater teaching artist at the International High School, Salome is constantly exploring

new ways to bring her ancestry, intuition, love

for female empowerment to build creative, welcoming and decolonized communities.

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One of those Ecuadorian young women that is incredibly inspiring in every aspect of life. Her spiritual life, her love for her culture’s cosmology and her willingness to explore what’s beyond the human sight are just some of her admirable qualities.

Paulina’s mom, guardiana de la PachaMama and  the best host in Otavalo, Ecuador. She has dedicated her life to the duty of maintaining her culture through art crafts. Rosa Elena’s hard work, commitment to her family and energetic protection of the land is what inspired to create this brand. Here, her and her first grandson, Joel, are celebrating “Day of the Deceased” and honoring the life of her family’s ancestors’ at the cemetery.

Paulina Santillan
Artist and Collaborator

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